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Ellise Brown Foundation was founded in 2013 as a 501 C3 Non-Profit Organization.

Our mission is to provide financial assistance to families who lose a child, to help fund further SIDS research, and to educate the public about SIDS.

We currently donate bows, Bows for Ellie, to Margaret Mary Hospital to make new mothers aware of the back to sleep program.  

Additionally, Tyler’s Run Foundation Inc. will help fund other organizations that benefit children.

Last year Tyler's Run made donations to the following organizations:

How the Ellie and Tyler Run Began 

This event started 15 years ago in loving memory of  Tyler Frey. Tyler Frey was born on Oct. 30th, 1996, the third son of Mark and Kelly Frey and the younger brother to Josh and Cody. Just 12 days after his first Christmas on January 6th, 1997, Tyler died from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Tyler had just been given a clean bill of health at his 2 month check up. Tyler died at the tender age of 68 days old.

Ellise Brown was born on August 24, 1013, she was the second child and younger sister to Noah.  After four months with us, she was called to be an angel. Ellise was a healthy, beautiful, little girl who fell victim to SIDS on January 9, 2013.  Although under a new name and now inspired by the loss of Ellie, we want to continue the success of the event. We chose the 4 mile distance to honor every month Ellie was with us, 1 mile for each month. It is our profound hope that someday, no parent will have to endure this unimaginable nightmare. 

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